A series of 10 videos that explore the creative process with 10 of New Zealand’s most highly acclaimed authors and illustrators. With formats varying from interview to following the subjects into schools, the videos offer insights into what makes a great writer or illustrator. Common themes of where they get their ideas, how they became writers and how they work reveal that writing and illustrating books for young New Zealanders is as much a matter of hard graft as inspiration, and that the writer’s own experiences are a big part of their writing.
These videos contribute to the key competencies of Thinking, and Using Language, Symbols and Texts. They are ideal for the English learning area at all levels, covering many Indicators.
Download verions of these videos are available to e-cast education members.
• Brian Falkner
• David Hill
• Gavin Bishop
• Jennifer Beck Lindy Fisher
• Kate De Goldi
• Marcia Stenson
• Melanie Drewery
• Tessa Duder
• Vicky Jones
• Katerina Mataira
Jennifer Beck and Lindy Fisher explore the collaborative process of working together as author and illustrator